Terms & Conditions (the boring stuff)
Turnaround Time
The standard turnaround time is 5-10 business days. The turnaround time begins when we receive 50% down payment of your total order and the final invoice/proof is approved (this is when your order will be processed). All information for your order will be needed before this time (i.e. artwork, apparel style, quantity, print location(s), any finishings, shipping/pickup/delivery info, etc.). Delay in payment, any information, or approval of final invoice/proof may result in an increase to your turnaround time. Our standard turnaround time does not include shipping. Added finishings (tag removal/printing, bagging) may increase turn around time, approximately 2 business days.
We will do everything we can to get your order to you as soon as possible! Any circumstances out of our control (i.e. shipping errors by suppliers, weather, etc.) may require additional time. We will notify you if any issues do occur.
If you have a due date for your order, please advise us before your order is finalized and processed. Additional charges may apply. If you fail to notify us before this time, we may not be able to complete your order in the time needed (if sooner than our standard turnaround time). If your order is being shipped, the customer is responsible for any expedited shipping charges that may apply to a rush order.
Buttery Printwear has tried to accommodate our customers by providing a minimum of 20  the more you order, the less expensive the print price becomes.
Artwork must be submitted as vector files, eps/ai/pdf format. The design should be the size you want it to appear on the shirt (please provide us with the measurements as well so we can ensure it is the correct size). We will not be responsible for poor quality prints due to poor artwork. We are not responsible for any errors, misspellings, or issues in your artwork file(s). We will try our best to notify you if we think there are any errors or misspellings. We will also notify you if we have any issues with your artwork file(s).
Max Imprint Size & Location(s)
Please note that not all shirts are manufactured exactly the same. The following dimensions are to be used only as a reference for the proper printing area:
Girls Small: 11” x 18”
Girls Large:    12” x 19”
Girls X-Large:  12” x 20”
Unisex X-Small:  12” x 20”
Unisex Small:    13” x 22”
Unisex Medium: 15” x 23”
Unisex Large:  17” x 24”
Youth Small:    13” x 13”
Youth Medium: 13” x 16”
Youth Large:  14” x 19”
It is the customers’ responsibility to provide the print location/placement and size. If not provided Buttery PrintWear will print in standard locations. We can print in just about any location on the shirt. If you do not see a location on our site that you are interested in, JUST ASK and we can discuss if it will work.
Any printing done over seams, zippers, pockets, or any uneven surfaces may result in imperfections and inconsistencies. If you are okay with taking that chance, we will do it. Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for any imperfections or inconsistencies if you choose this option and have us print over any uneven surfaces.
Out of Stock Items
Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for items that are out of stock. We do not order the apparel until your order is processed (50% deposit is paid). If an item is out of stock, we will notify you with possible replacements. The total price of your invoice may increase OR decrease due to the change.
Garment Disclaimer
Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as inconsistencies related to size, shade or construction. We will try to catch any defects prior to print, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We suggest ordering a few extra shirts if you see this as an issue and/or exact count is necessary.
Color Matching
All colors in a design will be matched to the closet ink color. Ink colors may be slightly off once printed & cured. Buttery PrintWear is not liable for any prints that result in the ink color being slightly off if the color chosen by the customer was used. We provide color guides at our location to assist you; however, we may need to order a specific ink color that we do not have in house, and this may increase your turnaround time.
Over & Under Run
Buttery PrintWear is not held liable for spoilage due to inconsistencies in the print on up to 5% of total order.
Final Invoice/Proof Approval
For each invoice, we will provide a final invoice/proof for customers approval. It is up to you to verify all information is correct (placement/size, misspellings, errors, quantity, apparel style, etc.). If any errors are found after your order has been approved, Buttery Printwear is not held responsible for any costs associated with reprinting the order.
Changes to Your Order
Any changes to your order after you have approved the final invoice/proof will be subject to a $50.00 change fee plus any additional costs to make this change. This does not apply to any stock issues on behalf

of the supplier. Any changes may add additional time to the completion of your order; even if you have given us a due date and have paid the rush charge. Again, we will do what we can to work with you. It is important that you are sure your order is correct and what you want before you approve the final invoice/proof.
Cancellations & Restocking Fees
Cancellations made after your order has been placed will be subject to a 20% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. NO cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulations of the garments (tag removal/printing, printing, etc.) has begun on the order.
Shipping, Pickup & Delivery
Pickup is Buttery PrintWear’s preferred option once your order is ready for you; however, we do have the option for local delivery & shipping nationwide. We are in a convenient location right outside the borough of West Chester with our own parking spots. Once you have received your order (pickup, delivery, shipped) we are not responsible for any damage or theft to your order.
Delivery is ONLY available if you are present to receive AND sign off on receiving the finished product. The order will not be left with anyone unauthorized to receive the order. You must authorize someone else to receive the order if you will not be present. We will NOT leave your order at any location otherwise.
Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company. Shipping will be included in the final invoice.
We accept a variety of payments; YES, of course, we accept CASH. We also accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX) via the square.
50% of your total order is required to order the garments and begin your order. You may pay more than this if you like. The remaining balance is due when your order is completed, and before the order is in your possession (when picked up, delivered, or prior to shipment) NO EXCEPTIONS.
Personal checks will ONLY be accepted if the balance is paid in full prior to your order being processed. Your order will NOT be processed or begin until the check is cleared. There will be a $30.00 charge for any bounced/returned checks.

Late/unpaid payments AND storage/left garments fees are 3% of bill every 30 days. 

Any sample shirts order per customer request will be charged to customers bill.

Implement the size placement guide chart 

Payments are 3% for any/all CC, 5% off cash in full, checks preferred 

Rush charges will be a percentage applied to grand total, fees  

24 to 48-hour turn around is 100% of your total order

72-hour turnaround is 50% of your total order

5 day turn around 25% of your total order


Buttery PrintWear reserves the right to change prices without notice.
Days Off – Holidays
The following days will not be considered operational business days and will not count as part of your turnaround time:
New Year’s Day            Labor Day            Christmas Day
Memorial Day               Thanksgiving       New Year’s Eve
Independence Day      Christmas Eve
Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for your satisfaction with the garments printed on or the printed artwork. We want you to be satisfied with your finished product, and want to provide an immaculately finished product. This is only possible depending on the information we receive from you. Remember POOR garments and POOR artwork can affect the finished product. We will be here to advise you on different options that can improve your finished product as much as we can. If the finished product does not come out to our standards you will not receive it. As we say… if we wouldn’t wear it, you wouldn’t receive it.
Quality Assurance
As previously stated, we will do everything we can to ensure a rich, well-done finished product is what you receive; however, some mistakes might pass by us. It is up to you to check over garments as you receive them. There is a 72-hour time period from the time you receive your order to look over the garments AND notify us of any issues. If you fail to notify us within that 72-hour window, then Buttery PrintWear is not responsible for any errors or issues with your order. We do hope that there is never any errors or issues with your order and will try our hardest to ensure this. If Buttery PrintWear is responsible for any errors or issues, we will gladly reprint the shirts printed in error. The shirts printed in error will need to be returned to the Buttery PrintWear location within 2 business weeks of the stated claim. If items are returned after this time frame, the shipment will be denied & the package will be sent back to you unless prior agreements have been made.
Customer Relations
We are lucky to work with such GREAT customers & companies. We strive to provide our customers with friendly & excellent customer service, advise you on your orders, and screen print to high standards. We are constantly educating ourselves on screen printing in order to provide you with the best service. QUALITY is more important to us than quantity! We expect the same respect & friendliness from our potential & current customers. Buttery PrintWear reserves the right to not accept your order if you are unpleasant to work with.
We have thousands of styles and colors to choose from! All styles, brands, and colors can be found at: BodekAndRhodes.com

Sport type fabric:
XXL 2 Black & 2 Navy Blue, 2 light blue
XL 6 Black & 4 Navy Blue,  2 light blue
L 2 Black & 2 Navy Blue
Standard cotton blend
XXL 2 Black & 2 Navy Blue
XL 4 Black & 2 Navy Blue,  2 light blue
L 2 Black & 2 Navy Blue

Different sized garments/screen charges

Due to sizing variations on adult, youth and toddler shirts this job could require up to six screen at a cost of $22 each to print differently sized artwork on each size group of tees. We can print a one size fits all graphic that may look small on the largest sized garments and large on the smallest sized.